Markham's CSI project

MARKHAM IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE our CSI PROJECT in collaboration with Foschini and Good Hope FM TeenDream 2016.
As all grade 12’s were getting ready for the final chapter of their school career, we decided to lend a hand in making their matric farewell unforgettable. The TeenDream 2016 initiative sponsored 10 boys and 10 girls with outfits for their big night.

The motivation letters were read and our winners picked. Ten lucky girls were selected to WIN a Foschini outfit to the value of R3000 and 10 boys WON an outfit to the value of R3500 from MARKKHAM.
The winning boys came to our Canal Walk store on 21 October for their styling sessions and were styled from head to toe by our guest stylist Shiraz Reddy. We had Good Hope FM broadcasting live in our Markham store in Canal Walk between 4pm and 7pm for the “Fast Forward” show and a few of our lucky winners were interviewed live on radio.

The Good Hope FM TeenDream2016 competition brought to you by Markham & Foschini is supported by the SABC Foundation.

Look out for our next Matric dance competition coming in early 2017.